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Our Results Speak For Themselves

We’ve worked with hundreds of B2B tech teams, ran thousands of outbound sales campaigns, and have tens of thousands of data points factoring into our methodology to drive results for our customers.

A recent strategy took our client from 5 appointments per month to 60. The campaign delivered:

  • 55% open rate versus 18% industry average
  • 17% reply rate versus 6% industry average
  • 200+ qualified sales meetings with C-Level executives in just 4 months
  • 300% increase in month-over-month revenue

We can deliver these results for you too. Stop leaving opportunities on the table! 

Client Success Stories


Drew L, CMO

"I've worked with UpRoar in multiple industries. Our partnership with them has consistently played a crucial role in increasing the number of quality opportunities delivered to our Account Executives."


Stan D, Head of Sales

“You sourced our two biggest deals of the entire year”


Joe C, Sr Account Executive

“You guys are night and day different than the companies we’ve used in the past. All they did was pass us trash leads and there is a clear difference here. Basically opportunity in every call you guys setup.”

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We Become Part Of The Team

What’s it like to partner with us? One client told us that “it feels like you guys have become part of the team.” That’s how we see it, too!

Proven Methodology

You don’t have time or money to waste on guesswork or unproven ideas. Our methodology works, consistently. It’s a proven solution.

Your Complete Sales Solution

Strategy. Research. Management. Execution. We’re your total sales solution, and we’re here to bring you qualified opportunities on a silver platter!